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Standard Ceiling Access Unit

Hospital Advantages
  • Only one person required to set up and relocate booth

  • Two locking door handles provide security of booth when unoccupied

  • Clear walls eliminate blind spots during booth relocation with 360 degree visibility

  • Clear walls provide communication between hospital worker and worker inside

  • Clear walls provide visibility of corridor traffic and nurse call lights

Booth Features
  • Aluminum frame and floor

  • Fiber glass 6' attached ladder

  • Integrated interior power plug

  • HEPA Vacuum Cleaner 99.7% @ 0.3 Microns

  • Locking swivel wheels

  • Foam cell ring seals against ceiling

  • Weight 225 lbs with accessories

  • Locking door handles: prevents entering while not in use

  • Clear vinyl top level

  • Clear lexan walls

  • Minimum Height: 6'8"

  • Maximum Height: 10'

  • Length: 5'2"

  • Width: 2'9"

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