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The Challenge
  • Preventing the spread of dust and debris during work above the ceiling in healthcare facilities and other areas where cleanliness is essential.

  • Meeting the requirements of Infection Control

  • Doing the work without transferring patients and moving supplies which is costly, inconvenient and impossible during high census.

Prevention is Critical

Dust and debris contain spores and other contaminants that can cause serious, even fatal disease. Even after visible dust settles, fungal spores, which are invisible to the naked eye, remain in the air. The spores are easily inhaled and can cause fatal infection in compromised patients.​

The Solution

The Clean Work Booth is perfect for above ceiling work. Its expandable sleeve fits tightly to smooth ceiling surfaces to contain dust and contaminants. The availability of a HEPA filtered vacuum inside the booth allows ongoing cleaning of dust and debris liberated during ceiling work.

Upcoming Tradeshows:

ASHE 2023 Annual Conference


August 6-9, 2023 San Antonio, TX

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FHEA 2023 Annual Meeting

May 22-24, 2023 Orlando, FL

Renaissance Sea World, Orlando

Connect with Us

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Office: 904.838.2560
Fax: 904.786.4725
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